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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Larry, I would have to honestly say that one weakness of Judo training is the lack of training against striking techniques. I have pointed out how I feel Aikido has weaknesses but Judo certainly has them as well. However, a striker would only have one or maybe two hits against a good judoka before they are grabbed, and these hits would be against a moving target coming rapidly in on them. There are very few people that can just knock somone out under such a circumstance with 1 or 2 panicking hits, so I still think the striker is still at a disadvantage.

The Judoka that put himself out of balance to grab your arm made a big mistake. Judoka rarely overextend themselves or put themselves off balance to grab somoene. In a situation where someone was keeping a typical Aikido distance I would personally probably just shoot for your legs and if that failed I would already be in the right distance to move on to another technique immediately.

And on kuzushi, there are some 300lb Judoka that have trouble getting kuzushi on me, I am pretty sure I am safe from most attempts from Aikidoka to force me off my balance.

I also would like to again say that you are a Nidan in a style of Aikido that regularly practices randori so you understand how off balancing applies in fluid situations.

Most Aikidoka do not practice this kind of randori on a regular basis and would not be prepared to spar with somoene like a judoka who on avergae spends at least half of each class doing free sparring.

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