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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Aleksey Sundeyev wrote:
I'm not going to spend time arguing with the bulk of it and instead take another cheap shot at you.
Sure, why not when that's all you have

If an Aikidoka fights a Judoka's fight then chances are he may get his butt handed to him, but the same goes for the Judoka who ends up fighting in the Aikidoka's realm.
And Larry, the art and how it is trained and practiced has a whole lot to do with it. Under what circumstances do you see a Judoka fighting a Aikidoka's fight and the Aikidoka winning? I mean sure if the Aikidoka keeps a distance by running away the Judoka will never get to throw him but I don't see how that is a win for the Aikidoka.

Ahh, I think I get it now. This all has to do with the Aikido philosophy of avoiding conflict. So what you guys did was go into a Judo dojo and ran around the place avoiding being thrown and consider that a victory and frustrating the Judoka's effort. It makes sense now.

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