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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

No, what I am saying that is that an Aikidoka does not walk into a Judo dojo and start tossing people around or frustrating Judo blackbelts who does not fit into one of the exceptions I mentioned earlier. There is something being left out that could better explain what happened I am sure of it.

Michael chimes in with insightful general statements which are usually one of these
No I mentioned a specific instance of an Aikidoka in this thread, there are other instances as well if you want to hear them.

1) Judo is 100% superior to Aikido under all circumstances and all Aikido folks are wusses.
No, Aikido is a very useful martial art and can work in many circumstances, and there are some pretty tough people taking Aikido. There some people at my old Aikido dojo that I am sure could whup me good. However, these people are much stronger than me and have many years more martial arts experience than me.

Generally Judo vs. Aikido is a Judo win 9.9 times out of 10. I would be willing to wager on it. The training methods are so drastically different.

2) If you had a different experience, then you're lying. You're all lying ! I am surrounded by lies ! They're all after me ! They're saying that Judo is not invulnerable ! I'm having a seizure ! Someone call an ambulance !
it is quite clear who here is losing their composure
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