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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Peter Rehse wrote:
Yes Boon please do - this is exactly what I am asking for. Some Aikido before exploring a bit of Judo.

I don't think Judo Shodans are that invincible. As Craig pointed out he didn't have too much trouble shutting one down. However, the opposite is also pretty much a given. Most Aikido shodans would have trouble executing Aikido like waza against a Judo Shodan. That really interesting things happen when we try to adapt to non-standard situations. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes not.
I don't disgree. You have to be adaptable and have a healthy respect for what your Judo partner can do.

Who is talking about one, or just a shodan ? nidan, sandan...

but as to shutting each other down, yeah I would not have called it an exciting spectator sport. :-)

my understanding of sport judo is the rules have evolved over the years to keep things moving and more exciting for the crowd.

if you have to constantly bounce around hooked on to each other, not hard to understand that someone's timing is going to get a little off and allow a really sweet throw to happen.

playing on the ground with good judoka though is definitely
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