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Marshall Sandoz
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Re: how do you wash a hakama?

My first sensei ordered all of our uniforms and equipment in bulk from Century about six years ago. My hakama is a 65/35 poly/cotton blend and has held up extremely well during all that time. After the first couple of washings in the washing machine (which didn't shrink it in the least), I switched from warm water to cold water to help keep it's color from fading as quickly. I hang mine up to dry but have tossed it in the dryer on occassions where I was in a hurry. I also had to iron the pleats back in after the initial wash but they have since held for a number of years with very few touch-ups required. I will be buying another hakama soon to replace my old one and I'm thinking about the "top quality tetron" one from E-bogu($60 + shipping). The pleats are stitched to stay in place and the inseam is slightly shorter than the outseam to give it a nicer appearance when worn.
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