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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Peter Rehse wrote:
However, the opposite is also pretty much a given. Most Aikido shodans would have trouble executing Aikido like waza against a Judo Shodan. That really interesting things happen when we try to adapt to non-standard situations. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes not.
Very true Peter.

This leads me to my third Judo/Aikido story.

A Judo Ikkyu was having fun pinning some TKD folks after a friendly TKD tournament. I was a corner judge and just got fed up of seeing this guy grinning to himself after he obliterated the TKD guys in friendly sparring. He would ruch them, take em down and pin em in a matter of seconds. He saw me shaking my head in the corner and laughing so he asked me to have a go.

I had no gi on so I steppend on the mat in jeans and a polo shirt. Knowing how Judokas tend to go for certain parts of the anatomy/gi to grab and establish control I decided, why fight it? So as we closed ma ai I dangled my right arm temptingly in front of my body. Like a kid to candy he went for it.

I let him grab the arm, stepped in, pivoted 270 degrees, kotegaeshi. The next thing he knew he was turned around and on his back looking at the ceiling, perfect kotegaeshi ukemi and all.

I quickly bowed to him and exited the mat before he got any ideas for a re-match. I just didn't want to have to go to ne waza in my jeans y'know. Of course the TKD sensei and his guys did not feel so badly afterwards as well.

So that was my other story. most of the others are about me getting my butt kicked in ne waza during normal Judo practice.


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