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Re: Article: Lack of Spirituality by George S. Ledyard

It is my opinion that Aikido practice itself is unlikely to result in "kensho" or some such insight. Rather it is a way to express ones current understanding. To really duplicate what the Founder did on a spiritual level one needs to expand ones practice to include some sort of internal solo practice and to connect ones whole practice to some sort of regular experience of nature, however one might do that. Then I think that ones Aikido practice might start to reflect the kinds of values and insights which O-sensei put forth in his teaching.
I don't think it is true. Understanding O sensei's ideas come only from physical practice, from pure aikido technique.These techniques are constructed this way, to teach us that stuff.

Nobody must and ever will duplicate spiritual experience of Founder, it is waste of time.
It is completly indyvidual thing.


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