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Michael Neal
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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

There is one Aikidoka that has given me problems since I started Judo. He can get a rough
Tenchi nage like throw on me on occasion because he is alot stonger than I am. However, I guess it is not really Aikido because it is pure strength he uses. There are two reasons this guy gives me problems 1) Much stonger than me 2) Has been doing Judo for at least 6 months so he is not really just an Aikidoka anymore.

But even him being alot stronger than me I generally am the one throwing and pinning him.

Otherwise I generally throw Aikidoka with impunity and pin and submit them at will.

PS: I would love for an Aikidoka to try and grab my wrists during randori, that means you don' have a good grip on me and are likley going for a ride.

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