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Melissa Fischer
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how do you wash a hakama?

Hi. I have been a shodan for 33 hours and am new to the world of hakamas. My sensei sold me a used Tozando tetron (65% poly/35%rayon) hakama. It looks like it could use a washing, plus it's slightly too large and I'm hoping it will shrink a bit. I'm not sure I want to entrust it to any dry cleaners here in Seattle, will they be know how to keep the folds in? Or do I do the "drown it in a tub while still folded up" method?
Do people have favorite styles? What about the fancy new "butt flap" (sorry, I know there's a Japanese term for it ) from Bujin? How long is too long or too short? My Sempais here all seem to have differing opinions, I am trying to get a general, world wide viewpoint on these.
Thanks in advance,
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