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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Mark Walsh wrote:
Aikido v Judo seems to be quite dangerous due to the different training methods, particularly in regards to resistance and competition.
Well depending on the type of training one does in Aikido, it's not that different, except in the area of Ne Waza. Some believe Aikido and Judo to be principally the same thing with techinques defined by distance/ma ai.

Mark Walsh wrote:
I think many Aikidoka would be shocked at how ineffective their Aikido is against even a moderately experienced Judoka, and even a few lessons may inform their practice.
I think many Judoka are also surprised (unless they cross train in jujutsu etc.) when in standing waza against an Aikidoka who uses Aikido Tekubi and Atemi waza against them. I've also made the "mistake" of doing a variation kime/tekubi osae technique (Yonkyo for the Aikikai folks) on his forearm while in a Judo Ne waza bout. We heard someone scream and start tapping hard, when we looked around it was the Judo BB I had grabbed with the kime to get into a position for a stranglehold. ooops....

He was okay though, just shocked that such a thing could have been applied during ne waza. Afterwards we were looking for ways to hide it from judges in the event it could be sneaked into Judo competition somewhere.

Mark Walsh wrote:
Judo people are so quick and on the ground...
Very very true. I've found though that the application of tegatana while moving one's hips in certain directions is a great way to escape from mounts and block things like kesa gatame without much energy use.

The one thing that always gets me during Judo Ne Waza is the anaerobic workout. I may drag myself off the Aikido mat after Tanto Randori, but I need to get dragged off the Judo mat after Ne Waza - [Voice of Scottie] I just can't do it Keptin, I just don't have the power. [/Voice of Scottie]

Just my 2 cents.

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