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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Mark Mueller wrote:
My story is on the painful side....I was sparring with a friend (who by the way is 20 years younger and about 25 lbs heavier). As long as I stayed at a distance where he had to extend to grab I was fine and he was frustrated....Then I got a little cocky and moved to his distance to see what I could make a long story short he swept my leg, dislocated my knee, completely tore my ACL, ripped my PCL, and tore my meniscus. One of the most painful injuries I have ever had.

Holy crap!!

I have a nephew in Alaska that's about 17 now(I'm 36) and he loves to try and beat up his uncle when he comes to visit.... We both have karate backgrouds, but now he's been studying Judo for about 3 years.... I took up Aikido about 13 months ago... I'm looking forward to his next visit.
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