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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Aikido v Judo seems to be quite dangerous due to the different training methods, particularly in regards to resistance and competition.

I think many Aikidoka would be shocked at how ineffective their Aikido is against even a moderately experienced Judoka, and even a few lessons may inform their practice. Judo people are so quick and on the ground...

I found it can be frustrating competing within the rules of Judo as most Aikido techniques are illegal. Those lovely wrists were so near and dying to be twisted! What I would like to see is an advanced Aikidoka use kokyu nage in Judo.

I've used Judo techniques a few times by accident in Aikido free practice. Usually when I muck up a technique, lose uke's momentum (so have to attack) and get too close.

Slight aside: I find Judo techniques are better for play fighting with (non Aikido) friends and children, as they can be applied with less risk of injury.

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