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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Hey folks,

I've got a few interesting Judo stories, but will distribute them as the thread goes.

Got a similar story to Hori's actually.

Was doing standing randori with a guy who is about my size, but training Judo pretty regularly (I tend to visit whenever the wind blows me in that direction) and for a long time we were at a stalemate. This was probably because every time he tried to enter or attack I'd keep him off by extending tegatana or sinking weight.

After a while he got frustrated and really tried going for ko soto gari I think. I immediately used tegatana as in Aigamae ate, but against the shoulder. Same time pulling downward on the opposite arm and turning my hips. So it looked like a sloppy Ashi Guruma (without the leg trip).

He dropped to the mat, looking up a bit dazzled and smiling. He said - "you do aikido eh?" I said yeah. The next month he joined our club.

Got a few others, I'll leave that one for now. I have a nice Judo VS Aikido one for next time.

To echo Peter's comments though, whenever I'm in Judo it's all about what you can do - no dan grade posturing, or "you don't have the right to train with me yet" sort of BS. You get on the mat, if you get pinned, take it, curse to yourself to do better next time, smile to your opponent and move on. Sort of like resistance Randori practice .


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