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Ryan Porter
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Re: Dissatisfied at my Dojo

I've been at this dojo for three years (and started Aikido at a different dojo). The ranking of my classmates varies. Some are higher, some are lower. Even with the higher ranked students, the pace is plodding and I fail to find myself absorbed in that dynamic, meditative rhythm that I've found at many other dojos.

Moving is out of the question for now. My wife just had a baby. I actually have moved for Aikido in the past and trained at a dojo in Osaka for just under a year.

I agree it's not productive to try to make the dojo fit what I want, especially when I really don't have the authority or experience to change it. But it's not productive to my training to be bored either. I feel like I'm at a stage in my training where I really need to be challenged.

I like the suggestion of talking to the sensei about potentially quitting, but I don't know how receptive he'd be. I worry I'd burn some bridges.
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