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Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

So how many out there have entered a Judo dojo after several years training as an Aikidoist - any interesting experiences.

I'll start. In the Judo dojo I attend there are a few kids that are hungry. Very good, very serious about their Judo. One girl has been trying for two years to throw me. Of course I can physically dominate her although she is very strong and of course if she gets close I go down but last week she got me. Perfect timing, balance broken, nothing given, I was down. I've never seen her smile in Judo before (outside yes) but at that moment she had a huge grin. So here I am, on one side very proud of her, on the other side my masculinity destroyed by a 14 year old girl. Oh woe.

Ok so this week - dark thoughts of revenge coursing through my emasculated mind - I show up but she is absent. In her place is a new guy built like a brick shit house. The randori was tough, lots of bumping of heads and twisting of collars, I knew something was up. Tachi was going now where but almost by mutual consent we went down into newaza and then things got interesting. I do think, even though he outweighed me, that I dominated but it was close. Afterward he came up to me and said that his pride was lost (shades of me the week before). Turns out that he was a wrestler and had figured I was toast. I tell you now our next match will be interesting.

I must say I really like the people I've met doing Judo. No need for posturing - its very clear who can do what to who. You may fight hard but before and afterward - very relaxed.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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