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Hey folks,

This ended up being quite a long thread, eh? It seems as if people are approaching this question with the idea that "fear" is something separate from us and therefore can be conquered/shouldn't be conquered. I wonder should we even try to "do" something with our fear? Is it something that is other or separate from us?

The physical reaction to a threat (percieved or real) is called the Tachey Psyche Effect. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, increased heartrate etc. (Fight or flight syndrome,eh.) I personally don't believe this physical reaction should be equated with the idea of fear. Fear is a product of thought and therefore it is either in the past or future, (ie. memory of an injury creates fear of repeating the injury in the future.) Fear is never present in the moment.

Of course, the physical reaction to a threat (Tachey Psyche Effect) can and often is present in the moment and becoming familliar with these physical symptoms, as they occur in our own bodies, can help us maintain a certain level of calm in a chaotic and/or threatening situation.

Understanding that fear is a product of our thought and therefore not separate from us,( find this out through your own questioning - don't take my word for it), one can understand the "root" of all fear and not find oneself constantly trimming the branches of fear.

Yuh think?


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