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Re: Unofficial Aikido forum FAQ (rated R for immature)

------- AIKIWEB FORUMS UNOFFICIAL FAQ addendum - the long answers--

Q. Does aikido work on the street
A. No, aikido only works on tatami and grass.

Aikido was unfortunately developed in the countryside so street-work was not considered until post WWII. This lead to the controversial split between traditional aikido and Innercity Aikido which holds that the true aikido movement for the modern world is "Nosteppi Onkraks". Traditionalists prefer the much older "breaking wind on hay" movements and claim their fluidity and follow through techniques are still as relevant today as they have ever been.

Q. Doesn't that hurt ?
A. No, that doesn't hurt as Ueshiba sayeth unto the Assamites in his letters to the Philistines that "he who is without ice-cream needs to get to the shops".

While this is a literal translation of the original Dojonese and thus open to several interpretations, it is obvious from other books that I'm unable to recall at the moment but which prove my point that it is our attitude to aikido which determines whether pain exists or not. Practicing aikido with the correct spirit (and earplugs or loud music) means that the sound of pain should never be truly heard within a proper aikido dojo.

Q. Are gradings needed
A. Even I'm not stupid enough to touch that one with a barge pole...

OT - John, your information is incorrect and any future referral to such a ridiculous and obviously mythical technique may result in your pet hamster wearing concrete slippers and your favorite fighting cricket committing seppuka. The Yakuza are not, have never been nor will be in the future ever connected with Soke Hokey or his collection of dojo/gambling halls.
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