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Re: The black belt Issue (thoughts)


But I truly do not want to grade! I just want to practice and learn!
You say that I will either be given it or drift away...I truly can't see that as I drifted once but won't do it again as i see Aikido as something that fate gave me!
you say Shodan is where you should know the basics, I am now getting to know the basics and also learning a lot more...this does not make it that I should go and take an exam!
Why, when I don't want to! I see the grade and black belt test as nothing more than a belt and another person who thinks himself superior to others!
I have seen and still do people who should have never been give the titel most days in my dojo...
I do not want to be one of them!
In my dojo there is a very humble lady who has been doing Aikido for now 20 years and has never once graded, her tecnique is second to none and only 3 people know she has been training this long, myself included.... has she walked away from the art...NO
Has she been given the titel...NO...why because the others are too busy mixing up in polatics and all the rest of the dojo strugles that go on day after day...

I am sorry to sound so negative but this is how I feel and what I think!


"Deal with the faults as gently a your own"
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