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Freaky! Re: Poll: Which role do you think suffers more injuries during aikido training?

when my sensei first chose me as an uke he gave me a tip: "just go with the flow and never resist"...i followed his advice...i was doing well...until during my first promotion, i think i was the most thrown during that time until one of our black belt instructor broke my arm/elbow and my shoulder joints, some sort of injury but i survive those...i've been an uke and a nage especially now that i'm teaching, but i never hurt one of my students...actually they are amazed how smooth i throw them, even with my new students...let's just say that i've learned from my experienced...anyway that 'bastard' that did those 'nasty things' on me was practicing karate and aikido at the same time...maybe he just can't figured it out whether it's karate or aikido he's doing...but no regrets...

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