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Re: 20 Year Technique

I like the question....

It's true that I'm tempted to say "they're all 20 year techniques". Not only that, but the more I learn to appreciate the nuances of, say, shomen iriminage, the more I learn to appreciate the nuances of kamae, the set of my shoulders, the feel of my foot on the floor! Such a question opens a Pandora's box. I settle it with "I do what I do and the older I get the more I love it for its own sake".

I think this is what constitutes 'seasoning'. If 'seasoning' means 'expertise' then it is entirely possible for the talented youngster to learn it. And it is entirely possible for it to be taught. In fact, it is important for us AS TEACHERS to relay expertise to the student as efficiently as possible. This might even mean teaching in a manner entirely different from that in which we were taught. I think teaching should evolve in this way.
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