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Re: Ancillary Practices

Lynn Seiser wrote:
Zazen meditation daily.



McGouirk Sensei holds an Aikido/Zen retreat at Mt Blady, CA every year. Haven't gone yet because he tends to start on my wife's birthday. And even though he has kindly offered to make sure she has a cake, there isn't a Zen lunatic alive that would leave on his wife's birthday. What's hot may be hot, but what's cold is certainly very cold. KWATZ!
Thanks! This is very much what I had in mind. Although many folks have elements in their daily lives which they consider connected to their practice, what I am hoping to get at here is various, more formal practices, which they use to augment their Aikido. It would be especially nice of there were a clearing house for events such as this Zen / Akikido retreat so that folks could easily find out about them. Lynn, is there a link you could suggest where more info could be found about this?

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