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Re: Aikido and being Christian

By principles I meant peace, humility, etc. Basically, I don't see why its such a bad thing to try and be as divine as possible...but at the same time accept that you are a sinner. Because, if you accept you are a sinner and nothing else, it leaves not a lot of room for improvement. Why should you accept the fact that you sin a lot? If you are practicing Aikido, you probably do believe in improving yourself.

It is a lot harder to try and be the best person you possibly can than it is to repent every time you go to church. If you do both, its a harder yet. My hat goes off to the people that truly do both...but church isnt for me. I recall this quote that goes something like, "There are many paths up the mountain, but those who reach the top, all see the same moon." Maybe it was even O' Sensei that said this, not sure. I really feel I'm looking at the same moon as many people...I just took a different path to reach it. In such case, even preachers, priests, etc. have a biased view of the material they present. This is why I think I like religion to be a more private thing for myself. My relationship with God or whoever you want to call it is just that, mine. Just like Aikido, a relationship with God isnt something you can have shown to you or fed to have to develop it yourself over time.
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