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Re: Shu Ha Ri

There are VERY few dojos in the world where concept Shu Ha Ri is realized in reality of training. Only instructors that were direct students of Japanese shihans for long years have a clue about it. Most of them do it unconsciously.
This concept is particularly absent in Europe. Instructors in Europe are so busy to preserve their "European identity" that they are completely lost on The Way.

I think we must be very careful as to "break form", it is not about adjustments for different attacks, or because of personal physical or mental preferences. But must of young first kyu or first dan "masters", misunderstand this stage of development.
Forms are simply a heap of certain movements to teach the principles, and at such low level as 1 dan, one have not enough deep understanding aikido to create better tools to teach principles.

I believe one need 20 or 25 years of hard and systematic practice to be able to "break form".


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