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Good question Jun.
I'll telll you something I found fascinating. About 10 years ago, I recall looking at a few specific aikido instruction tapes. I tried to mimick the movements to get the basics and thought I understood. After a while I put the tapes down and just concentrated on what my teachers were showing. Then about 4 years ago I looked at the tapes again and saw something totally different. I used the tapes to refine my technique. To tighten up ikkyo, nikkyo, etc
I recently started watching those same tapes again after not looking at them for close to 4 years and now I am seeing where I can intergrate my own movements and use those on the tape to build upon what I am currently doing.
So for me these things happen in cycles. Although I "thought" I knew something or could break away from convention, I now see that the more I break away the more I also refer back to the basics.
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