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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Mitch Kuntz wrote:
What I do know is that Aikido really does go hand in hand with any of the major religions. Thats because as far as I know, every major religion is based on the same principles...and these principles also show through with practice of Aikido.

I disagree with you that every major religion is based on the same prinicples. However, I would say that most major religions have many principles in common.

More importantly, O' Sensei was a major proponent of the Omoto-kyo religion which did, in fact, seek the unification of all humanity in a single "heavenly kingdom on earth" where all religions would be united under the banner of Omotokyo.

In other words, O' Sensei's religious beliefs were, in many ways, very universal, so it's no surprise that aikido itself (which O' Sensei viewed as a religious practice) fits well with many religions.

Peter Goldsbury wrote two fantastic essays on aikido and religion. They're available at the Aikido Journal web site (to subscribers). I'd suggest that anyone interested in this topic read those essays. They're very eye-opening.



-Drew Ames
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