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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Having taught 'orthodox' Jews and Muslims as well as followers of a wide variety of Christian denominations (I hesitate to use the term sect which some may consider pejorative) I have come across all sorts of responses to what some of them perceive as a pagan ritual and an affront to their perception of their Deity.

In Judo, it is a requirement that you bow to your opponent before starting to practice with them and for a contest this is pretty much obligatory. A very high grade Japanese sensei refused to allow a (Muslim) prospective contestant to take part in a competition when they would not bow as he considered that this was an essential part of Judo. However, this same sensei objects to us referring to the 'high seat' as the kamiza because of the religious connotations but prefers the term joza which is an alternative reading and apparently does not have the same ritualistic implications.
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