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Re: British Seminars ?

Robert Townson wrote:
Kewl! Thanks for the info guys!

I currently practice in Sale (South Manchester) at an "independent" dojo. I started (only recently) before I discovered this brilliant site and the advice within. So hadn't thought to have a look around at other clubs.

I have done a little investigation into other dojos/club and plan to visit Manchester Aikido Club (in Stretford) and Maru Aikido - Manchester (in Fallowfield).

If you can tell me of other club in the Manchester area (not suggest which ones are better, I don't want to get into all that ) I would be most grateful.

Hi Robert,

Wouldn't dream of pitting dojo against dojo, not the done thing, although I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sensei's that I have had good experience with.

I'm not up on the area in and around Manchester, so have no idea which club you are near, but the LAA web site lists all of their clubs, see here

The LAA lineage is from Chiba Sensei through Marion Mucha and our current principal, Bob Spence. I'm sure they would welcome you to visit any of the clubs. Afraid I'm in the Milton Keynes club, so only visit up north for association seminars, of which we hold about 5 a year.

Maybe see you on th emat sometime.



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