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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Geoff Flather wrote:
The word "sin," is a Phoenician word that means fall short, and is derived from an archer who falls short with his arrows.

We all do this even when we are unaware of it. Ignorance prevents us from seeing our own sin, and there are many facets of ignorance. Yet God forgives us, so why not accept such a gift of forgiveness, and get on with attempting to be the best possible person that only, you can be.
Hmm... I just checked some online etymology dictionaries and encyclopaediae and things, because I recalled reading a little while ago that "sin" literally meant "disobediance". The most informative reference I found, that seems to encompass most of what I read in various other areas (including a brief mention to the Greek word for falling short often being translated as "sin" in the Bible), you might find informative: Don't mean to be teaching grandmothers to suck eggs here, I do realise from the "Aikido and being Christian" thread that you are a priest, and taking into account your age you're somewhat older and probably wiser than I ... just thought you might find it informative anyway

Seeing sin in the light you mention it does also elevate to greater importance also the humility that tends to come with regular Aikido practice (amongst other endeavours; but this trait, as a general rule, is especially notable in Aikidoka). Seeing that we all make mistakes by necessity, somewhere along the Path, and that that's ok and natural, and good as long as we acknowledge those mistakes and try to rectify them as we go along.

And in the case of religion, praying for forgiveness for our past mistakes, and guidance and help to assist us in ma1king fewer mistakes in future, is usually a strong feature too.

It's a kind of magic
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