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R.A. Robertson
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20 Year Technique

In the spirit of this forum, I thought I'd ask others what the famous "20 Year Technique" has meant for you.

As a beginner, I'd hear references to it, and I think we assumed that it was the classic kokyunage. But I wonder where this bit of lore came from. How common is the reference to a "20 Year Technique" in others' styles and dojo? Which technique does it refer to for you?

Obviously, we can reply that they are all 20 year arts, or that 20 years is only for speedy learners. But more broadly, what do you understand now that it took you 20 years or more to really appreciate? Knowing what you know now, can you teach it to others, or will they also be fated to wait 20 years to get it?

If there are skills that can be taught to a reasonably adept learner, but not mastered without "seasoning," then what is this seasoning process? What is the magic ingredient bequeathed to some through time that makes the difference between aptitude and true depth?

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