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Re: Aikido and being Christian

There are some really interesting posts in here. I have really enjoyed reading them.

I personally feel that good advice is good advice, no matter where or who it comes from. Although, my perception of good advice could be totally different than another person's. Thats the only problem with religion and religious texts...people decipher them according to their own personal bias. Someone may think a passage in the bible tells them to literally take up arms, whereas I may think it means to remain peaceful and strong in your faith. Aikido has helped me to see past that personal bias, because that really does cloud the truth in many circumstances.

What I do know is that Aikido really does go hand in hand with any of the major religions. Thats because as far as I know, every major religion is based on the same principles...and these principles also show through with practice of Aikido. But, as we all know... many people do a great job of perverting things; martial arts, religions, etc. Personally, Aikido has only strengthened my spirituality and my humility. I think it will continue to do so until my dying day. Aiki is truly everywhere, and lack of Aiki is also everywhere.
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