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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

This has been a very interesting string to read. I've enjoyed reading the different perspectives that folks have offered.
Having trained both with aikido and bjj I have to say I'm happy to have learned both. if you want to compete then go with BJJ, if not aikido is good. Funny, I would have thought that I would have used BJJ in hostile situations which I find myself in occasionally. Each time it's been aikido and it's been motor response, the situations were over be for I realized what I was doing ( thank goodness) and only after did I realize what technique was employed and it didn't even seem as if it was me doing it. Also, the efficiently subdued nobody was permanently injured. I have never used BJJ but I would never want to go into a situation, especially with a trained fighter without my bjj training. A good technician is likely not to come in committed with an initial attack and so far this is all I've faced in the real world. If that is the case aikido is likely going to be difficult to apply and if I end up on the ground, well with all respect to aikido I'm going with BJJ. I hope that never comes to pass, and that is, I think aikido.
I train in a traditional aikido environment and I don't think It would be appropriate to bring BJJ into our dojo and would never want to be disrespectful toward my teacher. How do other aikido practitioners see that thought? However I would strongly encourage aikidoka to spend a little time with an established BJJ practitioner. Actually sambo and a few other similar grappling arts would be similar if BJJ was not available.
I trained in BJJ quite a while ago before it was popular in the US. It seems that there is a lot of it around now. If you do decide to train be careful when choosing a training center.


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