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Geoff Flather
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Smile Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Good day to you Brendan,

If we are responsible for our own actions, then a bow is what we make it.

Or are we God`s automaton ?

I recall at no time in my experience, God requesting that I bow only to God. Only that I seek God.

The one thing we all have in common is that we all make mistakes. Do you think that our Creator would not know this ?

The word "sin," is a Phoenician word that means fall short, and is derived from an archer who falls short with his arrows.

We all do this even when we are unaware of it. Ignorance prevents us from seeing our own sin, and there are many facets of ignorance. Yet God forgives us, so why not accept such a gift of forgiveness, and get on with attempting to be the best possible person that only, you can be.

When the race is run, you may then be confronted by God, as someone who invested God`s talents, and were able to give return more, than they had been origionally given. Not one, who placed their own limitations on themselves, or allowed others insecurity or ignorance, to restrict their own effort, and will to do so. You alone will be responsible, at such a time, not others.

Please accept my thoughts on your thread, and please forgive me should I have given you the impression of being sactimonius, it was certainly not intended.

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