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Re: I have a good question for all your aikidoists

My first Aikido Sensei Len Rose, now departed and missed, was very ill the last few years he was with us. I was 40 years younger than him. and in very good shape. I studied Aikido under him for 12 or 13 years. I remember thinking that perhaps his skills and technique had deteriorated as his health failed.

Guess what...was I wrong!!!! He would come to class now and then, when his health allowed. I would get a chair for him to sit in and watch as I or another in our group conducted class. I remember one class, shortly after I passed shodan, that Len Sensei was able to attend.
I got him a chair. He sat quietly and watched. Fifteen minutes into the class, he waved me over to his chair. Apparently, I was getting lazy in how I was executing ikkyo from katate dori.

He is seated....70-something...and frail.....he lifted his arm offering his wrist for me to grab. So I did. He very quickly reminded me the correct way to execute ikkyo. Ahhh...the taste of the Aikido mat!!!!!!

His age and health could not take away his Aikido ability or his gift for teaching.
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