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I've never had to use aikido in a confrontation outside the dojo, but one of my sempai recently told me about the one time he had. He had a friend that had been badgering him about doing aikido in a bar all night. Later, his friend surprised him in a feined attack, and my sempai responded automatically by applying a sankyo throw (mai ukemi), and his friend very non-gracefully fell into some tables, unharmed. He said he didn't even realized what happened until it was over. My point is that once you have developed your aikido skills to the point that you respond instantaneously to an attack, there is some likelihood that your attacker will make the determination of what technique you use, be it either a throw or a pin. If you try to think about what technique to use in a real attack, you could jeopardize yourself, your loved ones, or even your attacker. A possibly unfortunate result of this instant response is that your attacker might get hurt because he doesn't know to fall, but this is, afterall, a martial art.

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