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Re: Standards in testing

In Turkey, the aikido federation made a list of techniques, which are asked during the test, for each level of Kyu's. The test is hold every 3 month. Therefore, if you go to a different dojo, each aikidoka with the same Kyu must have learned the same techniques. At the test, there has to be your sensei and 2 different instructors with at least Dan degree. Yesterday I have taken my Kyu test, I was responsible for these techniques;
- shomen uchi ikkyo-nikkyo-sankyo-yonkyo (omote-ura) suwari wasa
- shomen uchi ikkyo-nikkyo-sankyo-yonkyo (omote-ura) tachi wasa
- tsuki iriminage
- tsuki kotegashi
- shomen uchi iriminage
- shomen uchi kotegashi
- rioto tori tenchinage
- rioto tori shihonage (omote-ura)
- yokomen uchi shihonage (omote-ura)

sensei asked me to start with suwari wasa and asked shomen uchi iriminage after. However, after I did iriminage, the quest instructor said that It is enough and I could sit...It means, we have to know every technique but they do not ask every one if they want. Sensei knows already if you are ready for an upper Kyu or not...
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