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Re: Dogi question:

paul watt wrote:
Howard Combat Kimonos is the only gi I'll ever wear. Top notch service, fantastic construction.

I have 2 with jiu jitsu gi, 2 blue judo gi. My oldest gi is 4 years old and still looks brand new.


Yeah that makes since, because nothing says quality Aikido training, like full length ads advertising VIAGRA running down the back of your Uniform.

Just kidding, of course not all of the Gis come that way, and the fact is at last years US Open Judo Championships in Las Vegas I did get to see this Gi close up, and I too thought it was nice.

If you are looking for a really nice Uniform for seminars and special training events consider a Toraki Gi. They are the best fitting Gis I have ever seen, with a great variety of sleeve lengths. Also the pants are reinforced at the knees, and I think they are great for Dojos that do a lot of Su Wari Waza.

Good Luck with you search.

-Russ (The Judo Guy)
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