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Re: Argh! Grading tonight!

Thanks for the support and advice everyone.

As it turned out my afternoon became busy at work and my mind was distracted from the grading. This was a good thing. When I finished work and went to the dojo, I was in a much more relaxed state.
It turned out to be the most relaxing grading I'd gone through so far, its tempting to say it was easy. It wasn't exactly that, but I didn't mind if I made a mistake. I went with the flow, so to speak.

I was grading to 3rd kyu with one other and we had a 3rd kyu grading to 2nd kyu as well. So it was only three of us. I liked that.

I learnt a lot from the grading as well. First and foremost, technical errors became obvious (that goes without saying), I walked away from the test knowing what I need to work on. Secondly, the other aikidoka that were used as uke really performed well! They were all kyu grades lower than those grading and everyone lifted to meet the skill level. I was impressed with all of them.

Thanks again guys.


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