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Re: Different Perspectives and Aikido

Yep - I agree Lynn.

I think all the religous facade is a waste of time. You (usually) know when you meet and get to know someone whether they are a genuinely kind and loving; and they don't have to be of any particular religion (or even religious) to be like that. I've seen so many people corrupted by religion into weird predjudices.

This girl sounds like she still lives at home with her parents or at least hasn't had to or wanted to question her own beliefs. Be true to yourself dude.

As for me, I know some people who are pascifists and have criticised it, but I think it is best to be less bothered with image and more bothered with substance.

I think it is often funny the way people look at things; I was criticised for drinking a can of alcohol on the street once, saying I was bringing house prices down in the area. The amusing thing now is that, since the area I live is such a touristy place people are buying second homes, which is pushing up the house prices and driving alot of the people that work in the area elsewhere! - sometimes things that appear bad are good and vice versa; we can just do what we think is best at the time, and if we are honest with ourselves we are our only true judge.

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