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Different Perspectives and Aikido

I recently went on a cruise and met one of the nicest girls (and most attractive) I've ever seen. I went to visit her twice after the cruise...but all is not well. Mainly because of Aikido and my beliefs. She is a strong Southern Baptist and I'm a firm believer in a supreme being (God), philosophy, and staying open minded. My views are much like O' Sensei's. My views were like that before I found Aikido, so it seems like I've found the perfect art/activity for myself. It makes me feel better about myself and God than going to church ever did. It is my way of praying.

Well anywho, I told her I was willing to attend her church whenever I was there and that I repsected her views (which I did)...not agreed with them, but respected. So I went to church with her and payed close attention...and really liked some of the messages, and really didn't like some of the things the minister (whatever they are called in the Baptist church) had to say. He was talking bad about other religions and systems of government. Thats a big no no for me. I was honest about this when she asked me about how I liked it. But, it seems since I was not willing to be converted and baptized (sp?) I'm a heathen and now she doesnt like me anymore. Apparently now she likes this guy who does some other martial art and has trohpies from competitions, I think hes a regular church attendee too

Thats the difference, I'm not looking for glory or trying to convert people...I'm just trying to be the best Aikidoka and human being possible. Maybe not quite in that order, lol. Aikido does that for me, it keeps me in line. I don't care if she doesnt understand what I believe, I think if she was a decent person she would have repsected Aikido and O' Sensei's traditions and views, just as I respected hers. Funny thing though, she was talking to her friend throughout the whole service, whereas I actually paid attention. Kinda hypocritical. Sorry about that rant, I really liked her...but she definitely wasnt worth giving up Aikido or my one is. So I have this question. Have your beliefs influenced or reinforced by Aikido ever pushed someone away unintetionally? I would like to read some other stories if there are any.
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