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Re: Randori

Peter Rehse wrote:
Is it in Tokyo - I didn't know. If it is still fly in and out of Kansai airport and take a week or so afterward to train at Honbu. I'm a bit out of the way but you can crash at my place. The cost of the comute is still less than hotels although Orange House in convenient. A one week rail pass is the cost of a return trip from Osaka to Tokyo.
Thanks for the offer Peter. I'd love to train at Hombu if I got the chance.

I heard the International is supposed to be around October 2005 at either one of the Universities in Tokyo (not Waseda) or one of the Stadia in the area. If they go the University route I hear that boarding for many visitors will be done at the university (name escapes me at the moment). The date and location are still to be finalised in my understanding.

Will let you know if I hear anything.


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