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Re: dojo frat boys

Is there anything I can do about the problem besides not being a part of it?
As the teacher is building and maintaining this structure: no, probably there is not.

How can I keep it from bothering me so much?
Most probably, the only way is to build structure below you. I.e. those of you who are not allowed to join the clique go together and help each other. Build a "sub-clique" of your friends and those non-clique-members you work well with, and try to forget about the fancy ones. However, every once in a while one of you will get a ticket into the clique and disappear from the horizon of your friendly sub-clique... so the question is if it is a good way to keeping it from bothering you.

Play by the rules of the dojo, both the written and the unwritten ones! and if you do like it you had probably better leave.

I am sorry.
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