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Re: O-Sensei's Diet

Shaun Ravens wrote:
This is especially true of the views of individuals who can only operate inside of the methods given to them by a wholly western scientific methodology. Not that there is anything wrong with such methodology, only that it, like all methodologies, has the flaw that it attempts to treat all knowledge with the same set of rules.
That's right - scientists require proof rather than faith. Evidence rather than salesmanship. Ignore us - we're flawed. Any claim, no matter how outlandish, should be accepted because it is believed by at least someone to be right.

If it's benign no problem. Less of this, more of that, the human being like all omnivores is extremely adaptable. But do you really want me to go into the near and total fatal diet fads that used the science is flawed argument to bolster their bullshit.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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