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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Brendan Basone wrote:
When you bow at the close of an aikido lesson do you worship or just show honour to a person or philosophy which improves self esteem?
An often-asked question. Do a search for more answers; mine follows.

Someone in the last few months posted to the effect that it was disrespectful to wash your belt. A more experienced practitioner responded that that must be an American tradition because the Jpn sure wash theirs.

Possibly some Americans worship when bowing. One of my epiphanies regarding Jpn tradition occured once while waiting in my dentist's office (in Tokyo). This old woman came in and...bowed toward the office. Maybe she was worshipping the cruel HA-GA-ITAI DA YO! NO KAMI. I tend to think she was just showing courtesy which is what I take bwoing in the dojo to be.

Let us know what you conclude.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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