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Re: Randori

Peter Rehse wrote:
Larry I don't think I've ever tried multiple attacker randori in the Shodokan sense. It's a scary though - I can barely hold my own one on one.
It is extremely scary Peter, which is why I'm thinking about it.

Peter Rehse wrote:
I enjoy two person hikitate geiko (more resistance than Kakari geiko).
This is the level I like to train with the majority of the class, this way the rank beginners get to do avoidance only or avoidance with kuzushi only and the folks who have a couple techs down start learning how to apply it with light kakari geiko. Those who can hold their own in light kakari geiko move into the hiki tate geiko realm to start understanding how to solidify technical elements with light to medium resistance.

Happy training. Hopefully I'll get to come meet you guys next year in Tokyo for the Internationals. Got some pointers from Shishida Shihan on travel timing and costs.


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