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Re: Randori

steff miller wrote:
... i would never see randori as an advanced juwaza. what makes it more advanced or next level up?
Hi folks,

Regarding the above -

In my humble understanding, multiple attacker jiyu waza is done in a very cooperative sense, even at its "highest" levels. In (Shodokan) randori, full resistance (deliberate uncooperation) can make 1 person become much more difficult to handle than 3 non resisting ukes. In this case, one's technique, timing, kuzushi, application, maai etc. must not only rise to the level of the occasion (resistance with the full intent to throw Tori if his tech fails), it must also be solid, else Tori/Nage ends up being the one with his back on the mat as a victim of efficiently applied kaeshiwaza (counters).

In the area of counters, even when they are applied in "high level" jiyu waza, from my experience, it only reaches the middle level of randori or what we call hiki tate geiko or what I call "medium resistance flowing practice", where both partners keep countering each other's techniques where there are openings, until one gets off a tech that cannot be countered. This same thing in a randori environment means that the quality of the counter must also be technically solid, as the resistant partner does not intend to allow the Tori any space, position or angle to apply a successful technique from the very beginning.

So imho, randori in some ways does operate at a higher level than jiyu waza as I understand it, the key element being resistance and how it is applied to enhance the technical skill of the practitioners involved.

This is why "multiple attacker randori" in the Shodokan sense can be extremely challenging as we now have more than one attacker who is not just attacking his partner to be thrown, but attacking with intent of making sure the initial strike lands effectively and fully prepared to counter with whatever Aikido technique necessary to end up being the one left standing at the end.

Just my 2 cents.

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