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Re: Satome's Two Sword Practice

I think Fred put it pretty darn well!

Our senior student at the dojo just started teaching two sword a few weeks ago a couple of times a week and it's been great. I've been exposed to the method from Saotome sensei many times in the past, but it's nice to get another perspective on things.

I'd say, though, that the video itself isn't too well-suited towards learning about Saotome sensei's two sword stuff. I'd consider it more an auxiliary medium and think it would be pretty difficult to pick up a lot of what goes on...

By the way, Fred, you mentioned "two practitioners, each with two swords of different lengths" up above. I can't say I've ever practiced with Saotome sensei wherein both practioners wielded two swords each...

The best memory I've had in two sword is being one of five uke armed with bokuto (one each) in randori trying to cut Saotome sensei who had his two swords. I think all of us uke were "killed" at least a few times each...

-- Jun

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