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Re: Randori

Bülent Koçak wrote:
My teacher is Besim Aslan, but I know (or at least have heard) most of the trainers in Istanbul. who do you know?
My friend is Teddy Wilson Sensei. He's an American who lives there.

In the ASU, people are not generally asked to do jiyuwaza with a single partner until some level of black belt testing and not usually shodan. However, at all levels of black belt testing students ar reuired to do defense against multiple attackers.

If it's multiple attackers we are talking about, I will say that I don't encourage my students to paryticipate until they start to get their ukemi very solid. This can be fourth kyu or even third kyu. Certinaly when I do seminars on Randori, we usually bill them as being for third kyu and up. The reason for this is two fold. First, until your technique starts to get solid enough that it is generally effective, it doesn't really make sense to try to string a series of ineffective techniques together in rapid succession.

But the main factor is the ukemi in randori is dangerous. The nage is moving in unexpected ways and is doing so rapidly. He often isn't paying a lot of attention to the ukes safety because he has other ukes to worry about. An uke needs to be trained in how to operate in a close quarters environment in which feet are flying around at high speed right at head level and bodies will be purposely thrown directly at you by the nage.

TRhe ukemi issue is also true for single person jiyu waza but not quite to the same extreme.

This is perhaps some of the reluctance to jiyuwaza shown by your instructor.

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