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Re: Randori

Bülent Koçak wrote:
hi to everyone,

I asked a few days ago my sensei if we will ever practise randori. We have never trained this in our dojo. I am a 4th Kyu aikidoka (will be 3 next week hopefully ), but I have not seen higher ranked aikidokas training randori. He did not give me a satisfying answer...

What I want to know, do you practise it in your dojos? and after which Kyu (Dan) are people starting to practise it?
and lastly, at any Kyu or Dan test, does an aikidoka have to perform randori. is it a need?

wish you a lovely day from Istanbul...
By Randori, do you mean "freestyle" training or "multiple attacker" practice? Some people use this term differently than others.

Also, who is your teacher there? I know someone who teaches in Istanbul.

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