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Mark Jewkes
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Re: Aikido suffering identity problem?

Hi everybody

now thatīs a different question, more like how would you define aikido. And thatīs a tough one. And i am not sure that giving these definitions two Mrs/Ms Public would be a good idea, as they are likely to be misunderstood. But OK, let me give a couple of suggestions:

Aikido is the art of harmonious conflict resolution,
Aikido - the art of peace
Aikido is love
Aikido is a language, expressing universal principles of life.

These "definitions" will undoubted associate aikido with some sort of mumbo-jumbo-hippie-cult , because they do not convey the fact of thousands of liters honest sweat to get there. Mr. Public might say: hey I did come to learn the way of harmony, yet my body aches for days after training....
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