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Re: Aikido suffering identity problem?

Dear friends,

Hi, I am the thread starter. My original purpose of this thread is to get fellow practitioner to ask themselve what if it is possible to associate aikido with. This will hopefully tag/identify us with a common gound when talking to Mr. Joe Public. However the direction of this thread is going more towards what how individual practitioner would decribe aikido to the public.

I guess the many answers offered to the same question is illustration that aikido is a dynamic art. Please let me explain: Take kokyu nage for example. There are so many variations and way of executing this technique as there are ways to describe what aikido is.

But lets go back to the original purpose of this thread, should we associate aikido with its effective joint locking technique? Should aikido be viewed as sword fighting style without the sword? I know that fellow practitioner knows that aikido is much more, some view it as a way of life, but if pressed by a non-practitioner, which of it s various attributes should one emphasize?

Happy discussing,
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